Class KG
Class XI (Science)
Class XI (Commerce)
Class XI (Humanities)
Class XII (Science)
Class XII (Commerce)
Class XII (Humanities)



  1. Lower Primary Section (Classes I – IV)
    1. Assessments / Surprise tests / Evaluation / Work sheets are completed throughout the year.
    2. Skills’ Proficiency Assessments in various subjects are conducted at the end of each     semester to assess the student’s acquisition of skills taught and practised during the semester.
    3. In Primary section, the emphasis is to help the child to acquire:
    4. Psycho-motor coordination
    5. Self-care and self-confidence
    6. Social skills
    7. Literacy and numeracy
    8. The parents / guardians are encouraged to be in close contact with the class teacher and other teachers during the primary education in order to assist the children in their all round development and growth.
  2. Classes V-XII
    1. The syllabus for the academic year is divided into 1st semester (April-September) and 2nd semester (October – March).
    2. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is made for each student based on the formative assessments, assignments, projects, unit tests and surprise tests conducted regularly throughout the semester.
    3. Each semester ends with a Summative Assessment.
    4. A student has to obtain at least a D grade in all the subjects in both 1st & 2nd Summative Assessments.
    5. Promotion is based on the average of Summative Assessments of both the semesters.
    6. A student will be promoted on consideration (PC) if he / she obtains E1 or E2 grade in one subject only. A student will be allowed to take an improvement test in one subject, if he / she obtains E1 or E2 grade in two subjects.  A student will be detained in the same class if he / she fails to get at least D grade in more than two subjects.  
    7. Class XII will have two Pre-Board examinations in addition to the Summative Assessments.
    8. Grades for the following subjects will be awarded on a continuous evaluation basis.
    9. Work experience for classes V – XII
    10. Art education for classes V – X  
    11. Physical education for classes V – XII
    12. Music, dance, arts & crafts and games & sports for classes V – XII
    13. A student will not be allowed to continue the evaluation/test/examination, if he/she is found to be using unfair means (copying, enabling others to copy, bringing texts or books etc) in evaluations, tests and examinations,and no mark/grade will be awarded for that subject.However, he / she will be allowed to sit for the remaining evaluations/tests/examinations.   
    14. Students who fail to hand over the answer scripts to the invigilator will be marked zero in that particular subject. However, he / she will be allowed to sit for the remaining evaluations / tests / examinations. 


  1. The school has its own grading pattern based on CBSE guidelines.


  1. Performance Reports are handed over to the students regularly after each assessment. Parents / guardians are requested to meet the class teachers after each assessment to discuss the performance of their children along with the answer scripts.
  2. The assessment answer scripts / worksheets / evaluation sheets are handed over to the students. The same should be counter signed by the parents / guardians. These answer scripts / worksheets / evaluation sheets are to be retained by the students of classes IV-X and preserved in the files provided for the purpose. These answer scripts / worksheets / evaluation sheets have to be produced before the examinations. Marks will be deducted from the subjects concerned if the answer scripts are tampered with or not produced for inspection before the semester examinations.
  3. Any error or discrepancy in marking the assessment papers should be brought to the notice of the Principal through a written complaint immediately.
  4. Answer scripts of the 1st Summative Assessment will be available for inspection by parents / guardians on the “Open Day” for the declaration of the First Semester examination results.
  5. The answer script of the 2nd Summative Assessment will be re-evaluated, if a written request is made by the parent / guardian / student within three days of the declaration of the results. The request shoud be addressed to the Principal and submitted to the school office along with the re-evaluation fee of ` 50.00 per answer script.


  • Classes: I-IV
  1. The performance of the whole year is taken into consideration for promotion. The assessment is made through the worksheets and other assessments (written and oral) done throughout the year. All the students are promoted to the next class unless the parents / guardians in consultation with the school authorities decide to keep him / her in the same class for another year.
  • Classes: V to VII
  1. The marks obtained in the Formative Assessments, (projects as well as assignments) and Summative Assessments of both semesters will determine the promotion to the next class.
  2. All the students are promoted to the next class unless the parents / guardians in consultation with the school authorities decide to keep him / her in the same class for another year. However, those who have not obtained adequate grades for promotion to the next class, will have to submit an undertaking by the parents / guardians stating that they will take extra care to ensure that their children / wards improve their performance in the next academic session.
  • Classes: VIII to XI
  1. A student must pass separately in both the Summative Assessments.
  2. A student must pass separately in both theory and practical in subjects involving practicals.
  3. Subjects are grouped into two parts- Part-A and Part-B. A student securing less than D grade in 2 or more subjects in either Part A or Part B will not be eligible for promotion.
  4. Change of stream / subject will not be allowed after passing class XI. The same subjects must be pursued in class XII.
  5. Students who obtain the qualifying grades (D and above) in all the subjects (excluding additional subject as per scheme of studies) will be promoted.
  6. Students who have obtained grade E1 or E2 in any one subject can be given an opportunity to improve their performance through a subsequent improvement examination.
  7. All promotions will be based on final assessment. A student must secure at least a D grade in each subject in the final assessment to be eligible for promotion. 
  8. Parents / guardians are required to bring to the notice of the Principal if there are any grounds for special consideration to be shown to their wards.
  9. Applications for grades to be awarded for co-curricular activities must reach the office of the Principal at least one month before the commencement of the Semester examinations.
  10. The promotion or detention of a student is based on his/her performance during the whole year and decided by the Principal in consultation with the Moderation Committee consisting of the Vice Principal, the Class teacher and the Co-ordinator.
  11. The results of the semester examinations will be given only to the parents and guardians on the days specified for the same. The parents / guardians should meet the Class teacher concerned to obtain the Progress Report and discuss with him/her the progress of their sons / daughters / wards.
  12. If parents / guardians are unable to collect the Progress Report Cards personally due to unavoidable circumstances, they should obtain a written authorisation from the Principal to depute someone to collect the progress report on their behalf.
  13. In case anyone fails to collect the report cards on the appointed day from the Class teacher, the same may be collected from the School office on payment of late fee.