Community Center

The rapid developments in science and technology accompanied by the knowledge explosion of the 21st century have brought in their wake an imperative need for updating and restructuring the educational institutions. Given the track record of Don Bosco School, ever since it’s inception in 1948, facilities have been enhanced. To implement the proposed up-gradation of the school and to introduce new sections, activities, facilities and services, the school management drew up plans for an extension block – known as the CENTENARY BLOCK to commemorate 100 years (1906-2006) of Don Bosco Society’s services in India. This new block has an ACADEMIC SECTION for classrooms / laboratories and a SPORTS & CULTURE CENTRE (Don Bosco Community Centre).

These sports facilities have been made available not only to the students of the school but also to the community at large through the Don Bosco Community Development Center (DBCDC) . The Community Centre provides the following activities for the students of the school and other schools of the city and also for the adults:

  • Nihal Singh Thakur Table Tennis Arena
  • the Don Bosco Swimming Academy
  • an Indoor Lawn Tennis Court
  • Four Badminton Courts
  • Basketball

Adults can avail the recreational facilities from 5.00 pm to 9.30 pm.
Coaching is provided to the students of the city from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm in the following disciplines:

  • Football
  • Roller Skating
  • Tae-Kwon-do
  • Instrumental music (Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Mandolin)
  • Western classical Vocal
  • Western and Bharatnatyam dance coaching

As in the past, Don Bosco is open to the neighbourhood and has made these facilities available to others as and when required without prejudice to its own goals and mission after school hours. The Management is desirous of making Don Bosco School truly a community centre where all categories of youth will be able to seek assistance. It is with this end in view that Don Bosco has schools that meet the needs – formal and non-formal – of the various sections of society. Similarly, the sports infrastructure too will be available for various categories of the people. In short, Don Bosco will be a Community Centre that will help in the development and progress of all its constituents.

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