The UK–India Education & Research Initiative (UKIERI)

The UK–India Education & Research Initiative (UKIERI) seeks to establish long-term learning partnerships between educational institutions in India and UK in the areas of education, training and research. Under this initiative, 24 Clusters have been funded. Each India–UK cluster comprises of a minimum four (4) schools in the UK and six (6) schools in India. Don Bosco School belongs to Rhino Cluster (India) and its counterpart is the Angels of the North in the UK.

UKIERI has contributed to the development of a strong cultural, educational and personal linkage between the children of the schools of both countries. It is an excellent experience for the teachers to share the planning and approach to the school curriculum and the assessment techniques followed in the schools in UK.

The UKIERI would be coming to an end by March, 2012. The, school, however, is actively considering the continuance of this linkage after its expiry.