Bosconian Nasir Gul Khan had the honour of representing Assam in the Mini National Handball Championship held at Jammu & Kashmir in the year 1987.

Bosconian Hitendra Nobis represented the Assam State Team in the 5th Jnr Nationals, Imphal and Snr Nationals, Hyderabad in 1981; 9 th Asian trial games, Delhi in 1982; 2 nd east zone, Tripura in 1987; NER Sports Festival, Imphal in 1987 and won 2 nd team position; XVII Snr Nationals, Jaipur in 1988; NER Sports Festival, Guwahati in 1988 and secured 2 nd team position; XXII Snr Nationals, Lucknow in 1994; IX th NE Sports Festival, Tripura and won 3 rd team award.