St. John Bosco’s mission was with the youth and wherever the Salesians of Don Bosco went they wanted to carry out that mission whatever the odds. The closure of the school because of the Second World War did not deter them from continuing their mission. When the situation was more congenial and favourable the idea of restarting the school was once again mooted with great enthusiasm and fervour.

In February 1948, in an inaugural ceremony presided over by Dr. Bhubaneswar Barua, the school was formally started with an enrolment of 92 students in five classes from III to VII with Mr. Har Mohan Das as the Headmaster. The number of students according to the enrollment classwise was:

Students 29 16 7 18 21

The school was affiliated to Gauhati University in 1951 and its candidates were permitted to appear for matriculation from 1952, when 9 out of 12 students in Class X appeared and 8 succeeded. Mr. Nirmal Kumar Choudhury former Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University was one of them. Parts of the school buildings were also used by Assam Civil Engineering School prior to 1948 and by Gauhati University in 1948. Public demand in 1958 led to the opening of the English section from Class VIII with required permission from the University. Class IV, V and VI in the English section started from 1962 and soon the school forged ahead..

In 1980 the pre-primary and primary sections were opened. With the addition of pre-primary and primary sections the school set out on a journey of enhancement and excellence that brought along with it fame and prestige never before attained. Today it is regarded as one of the leading schools in not just Guwahati city but the entire north Eastern Region.